Care and Safekeeping


We're so glad you've decided to purchase a Four Cow Farm product! Here are some top tips for making sure your product stays happy and fresh in your care.

  1. Clean hands and fingers are a must when handling your natural product.

  2. Keep your product’s lid tightly closed when not in use. As it’s filled with all natural ingredients, keeping unwanted bacteria out extends your product’s life.

  3. Heat or direct sunlight can damage your product’s all-natural ingredients and shorten its shelf life. A cool place away from the sun is where it’s happiest. So never leave it by a window, in a hot room or in your car! And just like food, keeping your product in the fridge will keep it fresher for longer and extend its life.

  4. Keep your product’s container clean and free of moisture, as that reduces the chance of introducing unwanted bacteria, which love feasting on natural ingredients! Wipe your container dry with a clean tissue if it gets dirty or moist.

  5. Your natural product will serve you long and well if well cared for. For all truly natural products, your eyes and nose will tell you when it’s time to replace it!

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